Probably the most useless beings right now.


Oh boy, these weak soldiers are used for EVERYTHING, and we're not talking about the tiny, mischievous, devil things, these guys are ugly as hell. (no pun intended)

Types of impEdit

  • Classic brown imps, these guys are reallyyy slow, they can throw fireballs at your ugly face.
  • """"Advanced"""" imps, these guys were brown imps on Phobos, Deimos, Earth, or Hell that were killed by some certain marine which were later ressurected by the mother demon (we'll get on that later), other than looking spookier and being kinda stronger, they aren't that much different from the old imps.
  • Grey, "spider" imps, These are pretty agile demons that have multiple eyes, they're pretty different from the classics.
  • "New" imps, these are even more agile, and sometimes hang from pipes and other things to throw fireballs at opponent. Their body is kinda confusing.
  • Big jaw imps, some of these have been seen in footage, they seem to have really big jaws. It is possible these are early Hell knights, or a completely new type of creature. Interestingly, they have some sort of giant holes in their stomach/chest, that seem to have...teeth?
  • Early new imps, These are an earlier version of  "new" imps, other than having no visible eyes, being grayish in color, and several anatomical differences, they seem to be the same as the current ones.
  • Dark imps, basically, normal imps on steroids.


Demons, yes, this is what they are called, DEMONS. They're just pink shaved gorillas that want to bite a chunk of flesh out of you.

Types of demon.Edit

  • Pinkies, adorable little creatures, even more adora

    Yep, these are the classic imps.

    ble with buckshot in their face.
  • """"""""""Advanced""""""""""""""" pinkies, just spooky looking pinkies.
  • Brown, "dog" pinkies, they somehow have mechanical legs, and are VERY different from the old pinkies.
  • "New" pinkies, remember when these guys were just useless cannon fodder that you could easily kill with a chainsaw? NOT ANYMORE.
  • Blood demons, again, steroids.


In case you were wondering how these uglos look like.