The Cube Edit

Underslime's most dangerous creation. It was originally meant to be a defensive weapon, but instead it turned on its creator. It has the ability to "scan" beings; Once the cube has scanned a being, literally everything about the scanned person will be put in the cube's memory, therefore rendering the scanned helpless against the cube.

The Cube was once a lifeless machine, But when Underslime tried to turn it into a living thing, (By adding D.N.A. to the CPU), it started to have a mind of its own. An evil one.

Exponents Edit

  • The hardest metal on Planet Earth.
  • A CPU 999,999,999,999,999,999 times smarter than the world's smartest computer.
  • Anti - gravity core
  • D.N.A.
  • A crystal power source.
  • A voice recorder.

Audio Files Edit

  • File #1 = "Okay.... so this thing shouldn't attack me. I hope."
  • File #7 = "Its power source is highly explosive. Hmm... I wouldn't want it near a nuclear explosion."
  • File #25 = "Oh NO. What happened?!"
  • File #13 = "I'd love to see someone try to hack this thing."
  • File #10 = It floats. Cool.


Trivia Edit