My third experiment. THE DEATH BOMB.

Description Edit

It is a devastating bomb, created in The Powder Toy Realm, and added with every element in the periodic table in pure form. If detonated anywhere else other than the Powder Toy Realm, it has the potential to utterly annihilate absolutely everything (as in every known and unknown universe), including the space-time continuum. Its contents include deuterium oxide, tritium, free neutrons, free protons, free electrons, 1 cubic ft of every element on the periodic table in pure form, Annihilium Destructite, TNT, C4, thermite, matter from a neutron star, matter from a hypernova, napalm, BOMB, DEST, THDR, SING, GRVT, ISOZ, WARP, LIGH, plasma, antimatter, pure energy, VIBR, DMG, EXOT, etc.

UPDATE: The Death Bomb can now have different modes, as shown below.

Modes Edit

The Death Bomb has different modes, each more destructive and horrifying than the last. The modes are:

Planet Destruction Edit

In this mode, the bomb's explosion has the power to destroy a large planet.

Star Obliteration Edit

In this mode, the bomb's explosion has the power to destroy a huge hypergiant.

System Incineration Edit

In this mode, the bomb's explosion has the power to destroy an entire solar system.

Galactic Disintegration Edit

In this mode, the bomb's explosion is powerful enough to destroy an entire galaxy.


This mode is 100% guaranteed to destroy ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. You may need to make a shelter out of Powder Toy walls before you use this, if you even need to use it at all...

Radioactivity Edit

Once the Death Bomb explodes, not only does it unleash an unstoppable hypernova AND a veritable salad of highly-dangerous elements that destroy everything, but it also releases septillions of times more radiation and fissile products than the Chernobyl accident.

Packaging Edit

The Death Bomb is packaged in a very, very special 14 ft x 18 ft bomb shell that has the typical detonation controls of a highly-advanced technological bomb from the 200th Century. The shell keeps all of the things within the bomb in suspended animation. Without this shell, the bomb would detonate instantly. The bomb can only be detonated via the controls or destroying the shell (but destroying the shell requires a nuclear bomb or anything stronger, a normal human being can't possibly do such a feat, and even if it was possible, it would be suicide anyway).

Theft protection Edit

If anyone tries to steal the Death Bomb, it will release a jet of BOMB that will convert anyone who tries to steal it into EMBR.