Meme-related Clones Edit

  • Roborage39, a violent, dangerous individual, often causing violence for no reason.
  • Ragequit39, the brother of Roborage, is pretty all of Roborage and more, is missing eye.

Clones with Elemental powers Edit

  • Roboflame39, has the power of fire, burns everything and leaving it a smoldering pile of ash.
  • Hotflame39, the twin sister of Roboflame, has the same powers, but has a fiery attitude.
  • Shiverburn39, has both powers of fire and ice, defies physics, loves to party.

Regular Clones Edit

  • Roboscope39, hater of zombie, and don't mess with him, he WILL shoot you.
  • Robogirl39, the first female clone, is a complete tomboy, which was NOT meant to be the original outcome.
  • Robomute39, he doesn't talk, doesn't move, doesn't eat, from memory doesn't even blink.
  • Robonerd39, likes school, computers, broccoli, and glasses. And popcorn, he loves popcorn.

Dead Clones Edit

Un-Dead Clones Edit

  • Roboghoul39, a ghost, has all the powers. Can posses almost anything, so that's cool.

Vegetable/Fruit related Clones Edit

  • Robomelon39, a watermelon. He's a great friend, is literally indestructible.
  • Robopumpkin39, she should be dead, but she's not, thanks to Robocabbage.

Holiday Clones Edit

Christmas Edit

  • Joybell
  • Ornamental
  • Rudeolf

Easter Edit

  • Bonnie
  • Bonza
  • Bert

Other Clones Edit

Possible Future Clones Edit

  • Robobuzz39: Bzzz I IZ A BEE
  • Robofox39: Causes unrequited love towards her in males.
  • Roborose39: She has this... THING with nature.
  • Roborave39: PARTY YAHS.