Sticcamusculosis (a.k.a. Stickman's Syndrome or Stick Figure's Syndrome) is a gradual condition of which an organism's body molds and thins to become shaped like that of a stick figure. It's most common in humans, although any organism under the kingdom Animalia can be affected. It is not considered a disease as it does not affect the organism's functioning or physical fitness.

Signs and symptoms Edit

The most obvious symptoms is the gradual transformation of the body into a stick figure form. In other words, these symptoms occur:

  • The abdomen thins out until it becomes almost like a thin rectangle.
  • The face becomes a perfect sphere.
  • The legs become smooth.
  • The nose becomes nearly invisible.
  • The hands become spherical, and the fingers become less visible.

Somehow, this does not affect the person's strength. Even though a person affected by this strange condition looks a bit weaker, the person retains the physical strength he/she had before the transformation.

Causes Edit

Genetic mutation Edit

Sticcamusculosis caused by a DNA replication error in the meiosis process of sperm or eggs is called congenital sticcamusculosis. People with congenital sticcamusculosis can pass down their condition to their offspring. Congenital sticcamusculosis cannot be transmitted through any means other than genetic inheritance.

Infection with the Stickman Prion Edit

Through a means not yet fully understood, the Stickman Prion has been shown to alter the DNA and proteins of body cells, causing them to move in a way that makes the body look increasingly like a stickman over time. Sticcamusculosis caused by such an infection is called transmissible sticcamusculosis. It is called transmissible because it can be transmitted through contact with the bodily fluids of an affected person or consumption of the meat of livestock with transmissible sticcamusculosis.

Exposure to Sticcium trioxide Edit

Exposure to Sticcium trioxide has been shown to cause a person to transform into stick figure form. The process is similar to that of an infection with the Stickman Prion, albeit much faster.

Treatment Edit

There is no cure, and there is no need for one. Sticcamusculosis does not kill or harm. In fact, there are no negative effects of Sticcamusculosis in the body.

Trivia Edit

  • Although people with Circularstonsis who get Stickman's Syndrome will not be affected (because they don't have limbs in the first place and their face is already rounded), they will still have the condition itself.
  • Stuffystuff has Sticcamusculosis.

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