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The Stickman Prion is an infectious prion that causes Stickman's Syndrome.

Proteins Edit

The Stickman Prion's protein type is PrPStik, an infectious isoform of PrP. However, unlike its deadly counterpart, PrPSc, PrpStik does not kill. Instead, it causes the body to gradually transform into stick figure form.

Sticcamusculosis Edit

Through a means not yet fully understood, the Stickman Prion has been shown to alter the DNA and proteins of body cells, causing them to move in a way that makes the body look increasingly like a stickman over time. Sticcamusculosis caused by such an infection is called transmissible sticcamusculosis.

Transmission Edit

The Stickman Prion is transmitted via contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, or the consumption of the flesh of infected livestock.